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The Private Security Authority (PSA), which was established under the Private Security Services Act, 2004, is the statutory body with responsibility for regulating and licensing the Irish private security industry. The PSA is charged with introducing, controlling and managing a comprehensive licensing system. The key responsibilities of the Authority are to control and supervise people providing security services with the core objective of improving and maintaining standards in the provision of these services.

The legislation is very clear in that it covers persons who provide a security service for remuneration. It is an offense under the Act for a security company or a person working in the industry to provide, or present themselves to provide, a security service without a licence. Similarly, it is an offense to employ an unlicensed security operator.

The penalties for these offenses are a €3,000 fine or imprisonment for up to 12 months or both if convicted on a summary offense, or imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine if convicted on indictment

Optosafe Ireland LTD trading as Optosafe currently hold the following categories of license:

Installer of Security Equipment (Access Control) 

Installer of Security Equipment (CCTV)

PSA Licence Number TL00823

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