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Video Verification meets Artificial Intelligence


How it works


Verisite is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV is either too expensive to install and maintain or simply inaccessible.


The proprietary fully  wireless design allows for the system to be up and running in a matter of few minutes. Once set up it has a battery life of 400 days.,

This system uses AI to classify any disturbances entering a projected zone allowing for no false alarms.

View Technical Specification
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Verisite doesn't miss an event.

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Easy to hide, easy to service.

Verisite is wireless – it operates autonomously. Battery life is 400 days or up to 50 000 events.

Our AI technology automatically detects and classifies images on alarm photos using predefined classification categories. If no person, car, truck, bicycle or bus on photo, then not marked as alarm.

Simple and quick installation of Verisite devices. Just insert battery and Verisite system starts to monitor your area. Devices have proprietary low power mesh technology, which simplifies installation.

Prevent crime, don’t just document it.

Humans are not infallible. Even constantly monitoring security cameras isn’t a foolproof solution. Verisite constantly monitors your assets and alerts you to human intruders.

Battery power lasts for over a year.  

The units employ independent power sources (with optional solar panels) and communicate wirelessly via mobile networks enabling access via internet.

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